2005 Recipient and Nominees

2005 Durham Award winner: Ms. Joni Webb Petschauer

The Harvey R. Durham Freshman Advocate Award committee is pleased to announce this year's winner: Ms. Joni Webb Petschauer. Currently the Director of Freshman Learning Communities, Joni Petschauer has worked at ASU since 1983, serving in such capacities as a counselor for the Upward Bound program, learning skills coordinator, and Freshman Seminar instructor. Ms. Petschauer has an impressive record of publications and presentations on the first-year experience and student success. She has hosted numerous institutions from across the world, sharing our knowledge about structuring an intentional first year experience that both challenges and supports all students. In short, Joni Petschauer has exhibited great breadth and depth in her commitment, support, and dedication to freshman success.

The committee has also selected two people for special recognition, Dr. Lee Burdette Williams and Dr. Anita Kitchens, for their work with freshmen at ASU. It was very difficult to select from the outstanding pool of nominees, and the committee felt compelled to recognize the contributions of Drs. Williams and Kitchens as well.

Congratulations to the other 2005 nominees for the Harvey R. Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award:

  • Dr. Steven Dyche
  • Ms. Micki Early
  • Ms. Stephanie Sue Helmers
  • Mr. David Huntley
  • Dr. Anita Kitchens
  • Ms. Joy Osborne
  • Ms. Cindy Wallace
  • Dr. O.K. Webb
  • Dr. Lee Williams
  • Dr. Laurie Williamson


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