2006 Recipient and Nominees

2006 Harvey R. Durham Freshman Advocate Award Recipient: Dr. Joseph Pollock

Joseph T. Pollock, an associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Appalachian State University, received the 2006 Harvey R. Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award.

Pollock was selected for the award based on his sustained commitment to teaching a freshman-level course, and his impact on the university advising process by building bridges between general studies advising and departmental advising. He also was cited for his ability to excite students about astronomy and for creating advising sheets for students majoring in physics/astronomy.

Pollock's focus on freshmen grew out of a desire to turn his own negative freshman year experience at Penn State into a positive experience for students at Appalachian. "As a freshman, I found myself very isolated from the faculty in my major department and received only a cursory academic advising experience," Pollock wrote in a letter to the award committee. "This lack of guidance nearly cost me the opportunity to continue into the career that has led to my current position here. I have always wanted to make certain that the students I interacted with would not repeat my undergraduate advising experiences."

Pollock says that while students have changed during his 25 years of teaching, their need to have individuals whom they can trust and feel comfortable with has not. "I've tried to foster that feeling in all my recruitment, advising and teaching," he said.

Pollock came to Appalachian in 1981. He earned his Ph.D. in astronomy in 1982 from the University of Florida.

--ASU University News

Congratulations to the other 2006 Nominees:

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  • Elicka Peterson, Political Science and Criminal Justice
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